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Nuesto sello de identidad: TINÁCULA.


Our wines, like those of the Roman Empire, are made in amphoras or jars. What better homage to the great precursors of the viticulture world than to use their language, Latin for the brand of our wines. And so, diving in the origin of the word jar in Castilian, our Brand was born: TINÁCULA (from Latin: small jar).

The decoration of the winery, as well as the brand, is also unique. Dozens of hand-painted oil paintings made by Josefina appear in every corner of it, great works of art with oenological motifs that fused with the jars and wooden ceilings making visitors feel as if they were in a gallery.

Part of these oil paintings are destined to decorate some of the labels and packaging of our wines, providing a distinctive character to each of the bottles, works of art outside and inside.

The origin

Jar + small, everything started with this. In two of these small jars, belonging to the family and aged about 300 years, our logo appeared. The brand made by the potter to avoid confusing the jars with others of the same trade. In these jars we began to mold our natural wines about 50 years after the last elaboration was produced by our great-grand father.

The first production was carried out in 2015 in the garage of home, 100 litres of our main plot located in the area of "El Santillo" harvested and stepped on by hand and fermented in a large earthenware jar of the two ones that had our family. Wine loved all our friends, family, and tasters so that the idea of honouring our family and recovering the tradition of natural wines.

Artisanal Wines

Until the 1950s, all wineries in the central area of Spain were built with large earthenware jars or amphorae of terracotta. Unfortunately, with the emergence of new materials, all of them disappeared and today all are obsolete or have been destroyed.

In ‘Las Calzadas’, we wanted to recover this craft and home-made way to produce wines, avoiding the addition of artificial products to our grape, both in the field and in the wine cellar in order to find a wine that transmit these bouquets and forgotten flavours.

All the grapes come from the old vineyards of the family which we cultivate ourselves to offer a product that handles the entire process: from the vineyard to the table. Production is limited, not exceeding 15,000 bottles annually in order to maintain the quality in all products.


A great day, enjoying the surroundings and traditions, a lovely family, to repeat but with the children. I recommend it!.

José Tomás Navarro

Excellent wine and very curious elaboration, it is completely unaware for me, great food and the best treatment. I am sure we will come again.

Marta del Rey Monasor

I had never seen a cuckoo, I did not know what it was; tasting a wine of this type with this story in a place so makes you feel different.

Patricio Lopez de Dios

We turned off the motorway and ,in 2 minutes, find the wine cellar. We decided to do a wine tasting and the experience was great, humble and hardworking people.

Ivan Arturo Gomez