Spanish version

A family

From the care of the vineyards, to the bottling; everything is in house, which is where the best products can be made.

An enclave

A different Terroir, covered boulders and surrounded by stone pines moulds our ecological bunches.

A winery

Traditional, with jars and stones, that is where the identity of our natural wines is expressed and ages.


Homemade wines, homemade products.


Do you remember the wine that your grandparents homemade?

The bouquet, flavor, that bottle of wine always on the table when it comes to sharing the cuisine from our land. A wine that was always present to celebrate, to share dates and family reunions.

At our winery Las Calzadas, our wine is our hallmark and therefore we work to make it the wine of union between families and friends. A wine for the most intimate and happy celebrations, but especially a wine for the most special moments of our lives. Its preparation starts from plant care, work the soil, harvesting, processing and care in wineries and finally, marketing.

In short, we seek excellence with our own grapes from vines aged more than 50 years old linked to the recovery of the family tradition of making wine in jars and a touch of fruit of a college experience and know-how in the winery thus obtaining a few unique and different wines.

The origin

Winery Las Calzadas, name that comes from the junction of Roman roads, which connected Complutum (Alcalá de Henares) with Cartago Nova (Cartagena) part in conservation and restored.

Winery Las Calzadas was built on existing roads, trails and dirt roads, which required a great work of excavation, drainage, flattening and so on., until they got their final appearance with stone. Las Calzadas was solidly settled on an initial layer of gravel, cement and finally with large slabs placed in large blocks. Our winery Las Calzadas has been constructed by looking for the recreation of how wineries were at beginning of the twentieth century, using stone and wood in order to convey the essence of those times.

Inside, our cellar is composed of 30 jars of clay aged 150 years old, of different sizes. In short, an artisanal winery, which recovers and represents the traditional elaboration of the wines of our land in a familiar way and with the essence of the Manchuela in the province of Cuenca. Our production is limited to 15,000 annual bottles produced all of them from the ecological viticulture and the respect for the environment.

The family and its philosophy

Our winery is located in a village of just 300 inhabitants, an area suffering from depopulation and struggling to recover the glorious wine past that it still conserves.

It is the perfect environment for Daniel Sevilla, a 23-year-old winemaker graduated at the University of La Rioja, who owns a masters´degree in Oenology and viticulture issued by the UCLM and oenological experience in wineries from la Rioja, New Zealand and Australia. After that, he returned to his hometown to recover the old vineyards and the tradition of making artisan wines with the support of his family. A dream, an ambition, a difficult challenge in a difficult area but with great enthusiasm.

He works together with his father Jose Julián Sevilla, a passionate wine-grower and a 20-year- experienced winemaker as well as with his mother Josefina Medina in charge of receiving visits and the store. Friends and acquaintances of the family also collaborate in the project.